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IBA Cloud Account Settings

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Single point of account and payment management

An account is an entity registered with the IBA Cloud. Each account has an administrator and a list of users identified by email. Each user of IBA Cloud belongs to at least one account.

IBA Cloud Account is a web service for managing account settings, users and paying for the services. Customers will be able to use the service immediately after confirmation of registration. For the convenience of team management, service users are divided into roles depending on their access rights: Admin, Billing, Member.

Visible display of account and administrator information

All team members can see information such as account ID and name, Email, phone number, and account administrator contact information. This information can be edited by the administrator of the account. Including the account displays the name of the billing information.

User management in a couple of clicks

Administrators add users to the IBA Cloud authentication system. The password is generated automatically and sent by email to the specified email.

The account administrator can delete users from the list of participants, add from existing ones in the authentication system (for example, from your other accounts), create new ones, and assign roles. Users with roles Billing and Member can only view the list of members.

Simple and secure payment

The Billing tab is designed to manage payments for the selected account. The tab can be accessed by users with the Admin or Billing roles. IBA Cloud services are billed monthly. You can see the cost of the resources you used to date.