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New service: Network management

1 minute read

What can you do with IBA Cloud Networking?

A cloud service that provides an isolated cloud network for resource management in a secure environment.

VPC Networks with 50 Gbps

Create additional L2 networks within one VPC. For each such network, you can select an independent range of subnet IP addresses, from which IP addresses will be assigned to virtual machines via the built-in DHCP server.


Configure additional network routes, for example, if one of your virtual machines acts as a VPN gateway to access infrastructure from the company office. Redirect traffic from one virtual machine to another within the same network or between multiple subnets without the need to use external IP addresses.


Ensure network security at the level of each virtual machine. Access rules between networks or IP address ranges and on specific ports are created within security groups, which you can simply assign to new and existing virtual machines.

Filter traffic by port range, traffic direction (inbound, outbound), protocol and other parameters.

What to expect in the next release

DNS Domains

Adding your own domain to your IBA Cloud account will allow you to set up domain DNS records for IBA Cloud and other resources in the same place where you manage your network infrastructure using the control panel. For the initial time, we will support A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV, NS, and MX records.