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New service: Amazon S3 Compatible Object Storage

1 minute read

What is IBA Cloud Storage?

IBA Cloud Storage is object storage compatible with Amazon S3 protocol that can be accessed and maintained over the Internet. It is designed for the inexpensive storage of large amounts of data. IBA Cloud Storage is a promising, stable, secure, and well scalable online repository for developers and IT Teams.

Reliable and Efficient Storage

Our service IBA Cloud Storage is based on Ceph, which is a decentralized cluster consisting of multiple server nodes. Ceph ensures data replication within the cluster, as well as even distribution of the load on the nodes. In case of disk or node failure, Ceph provides uninterruptable operation and data availability.

How is data organized in S3?

Data in S3 can be organized in the form of buckets, objects and belongs to the owner - a specific S3 user created in the S3 storage.

A Bucket is a logical unit of storage in S3. A Bucket contains objects which contain the data and metadata. Before adding any data in S3, the user has to create a bucket that will be used to store objects.

An object is a fundamental entity in S3. It consists of data, keys, and metadata.

Creating an S3 Bucket in IBA Cloud Storage

Step 1: Log in to IBA Cloud

Step 2: Select IBA Cloud Storage from the list of services

Step 3: Click on the Create New S3 User button, if your list is empty, otherwise go to step 5

Step 4: Set the limit of buckets, the amount of storage per bucket (MB), and the limit of objects per a bucket

Step 5: Open the S3 user and go to the Buckets tab and click “Add a Bucket”

Step 6: Enter the new bucket’s name, size, and limit of objects, and then press Submit

You have successfully created an S3 bucket in IBA Cloud!

What kind and how much data one can store in IBA Cloud Storage?

You can store virtually any kind of data, in any format, in S3, and as for capacity, the size and the number of objects and buckets that we can store in S3 are set individually.

Data encryption

IBA Cloud Storage encrypts your data on your behalf using the keys you provide. Your key is deleted immediately upon your request, and your key is never stored with us. Because IBA Cloud Storage does the encryption for you, you get the benefits of using encryption keys without the cost of writing or executing your own encryption code.