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Your Own Cloud Disk on a Virtual Machine

2 min read

Thanks to our partnership with SCDC, we now have a simple and effective self-service cloud disk solution for everyone! IBA Cloud, a highly user-centric project, has partnered with SCDC to provide for the first time an easy and flexible Nextcloud cloud disk that is easily integrated into the IBA Cloud image catalog. At the same time, we are announcing the availability of this image to our corporate customers who are accessing the secure and easy-to-use Nextcloud with the advantage of virtual machines.

Working together benefits everyone

The key goal of this collaboration was the integration of the Nextcloud open-source cloud disk into a virtual machine, supporting the important file and document formats that users work with every day. Because we care about all of our customers, including small and large businesses, we wanted to provide a convenient solution for a wide range of use cases.

Scalable, secure and ready-to-go image

It's pretty quick to start working with Nextcloud: order it from the IBA Cloud image catalog with the required storage size and then set network settings so that the disk can be accessed either from the Internet or for everyone who has access. You can easily resize the disk storage at any time by reconfiguring the virtual machine.

Leak-free screen sharing and web conferencing

Nextcloud delivers the benefits of secure collaboration with WebRTC technology, which allows browsers to establish direct peer-to-peer connections with each other. They are fully encrypted, both audio/video and chat. This means that no one can overhear the conversation, including the server administrator!

Synchronization between devices

Nextcloud is available both in a web browser and via IOS, Android, and Desktop as a local drive. This way, users can seamlessly move from device to device, continuing to work with files and documents right from where they left off.

Benefits of collaboration without security risks

Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive emails, manage your calendar and video chat without data leaks.

Up to date image without additional payments for software

SCDC and IBA Cloud is committed to providing regular updates to this template so that users who take advantage of the variety of settings and file formats available in Nextcloud and Onlyoffice had a modern tool for file storage and collaborative document editing.


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Administrative capabilities

The Nextcloud image contains the Adminer for PostgreSQL, which the Nextcloud administrator may need to run the database of one of the important infrastructure components.

Take advantage of a variety of 100+ apps built into Nextcloud, such as Calendar and Mail, which is expanding and updating to improve user experience in many areas.

Learn more about Nextcloud and SCDC Disk.